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About Us

Egyptair Virtual is the second virtual airline based in Africa. It was founded on July 25th 2022 and approved on September 24. Egyptair Virtual (MSVA) is based in Egypt’s capital city, Cairo, a buzzing city on the banks of river Nile which is an amazing natural waypoint to link Cairo and Aswan.


We started with a goal of opening Africa to more people, to help people discover new places and amazing scenery with the amazing network of Egyptair.


The future is bright at MSVA! First and foremost we would like to have a solid number of pilots who will represent the VA in Infinite Flight’s skies, have a growing list of codeshares and hopefully attract more curious pilots.

Staff Team

Here is our hard working team:

Mathurin Garcier

Ceo & Founder

Mathurin is our CEO, he takes all the final decisions. He is also in close contact with the IFVARB to keep the VA afloat.



Timothé is our COO, he assists the CEO in all of his tasks, and helps our CEO with the communications with the IFVARB.


Route Manager

Pierrick is our Event Manager ! He organises events for the VA and makes sure all goes as planned!


Chief Pilot

Sam is our main flight instructor at MSVA, he will organize training sessions for new pilots and will assist our pilots when they have questions about flying on IF in general.


We think this rank structure is perfect for everyone, take a look below:

0-25 Hours

Second Officer

25-75 Hours

First Officer

75-150 Hours


75-150 Hours



300-500 Hours

Nefertiti Award

500-750 Hours

Osiris Award

750 Hours

Tutankhamun Award


Our fleet is composed of 5 different aircraft types: the 738, the 789, the A223, the 77W and the A333. The most modern aircraft of the fleet is the gorgeous A223, which flies many Medium Haul routes since Egyptair Express fully merged with Egyptair, retiring all E170. The real workhorse here at Egyptair is the 777-300ER, it flies all around the globe wherever it can meet the demand due to the flow of tourists visiting the breathtaking sites of Gizeh and Abu Simbel.


We currently have 29 aircraft in the fleet. Flies mostly Medium Haul routes and most of our 737s are getting upgraded to 737NG version, for a better customer experience.


The A220 is the newest addition to our fleet, bringing a breath of modernity with a completely rethinked cabin. The A223 was ordered in a plan of renewal of our fleet, because of our aging 737s.


4 in our fleet, capable of holding more than 300 passengers, the A333 is a great aircraft for flying Long Haul and Medium Haul whenever a larger aircraft is needed.

B787-9 Dreamliner

Our fuel efficient Dreamliner is mostly used on Long and Medium Haul route. With a seating capacity of 309 people, the Dreamliner is capable of flying Long Haul thanks to it’s great fuel capacity and great fuel efficiency.


6 in our fleet, the triple 7 that we have, is fitted with the GE90-115b engines, the most powerful engines in the market. With its astonishing range, it flies mostly Long Haul routes for us.


We have lots of routes, including: